Geo-Imposition: An Artwork Produced for The Remote Closeness Exhibition

Geo-Imposition is made up of a lecture, different sets of curated images of different artefacts, as well as images that are artefacts themselves. This project’s most basic mechanism is montage, which is apparent in the artist’s curation of these images, his intervention onto some of them, and the way he invites the audience to do so as well. This montage or coupling of images creates a relation which is irreducible to the sum of those images.

The work’s content is centered around geography, as a relation born out of the presence (montage) of distinct geographic bodies. This relation is embodied in the figure of the Ocean. Geo-imposition also tackles the segmentation of territory, as well as the circumvention of geographic limits by technological means.

All plastic works produced as part of Geo-Imposition are now part of the Jordan Nation Gallery of Fine Art’s permanent collection.

Artist’s Works (Open With Google Slides for Full Quality):…

Images for Audience’s Use (Open With Google Slides for Full Quality):…

Audience’s Submissions(Open With Google Slides for Full Quality):…

Instructional Video:

Full Lecture (Part 1):

Full Lecture (Part 2):

Liam’s Profile on the Remote Closeness Website

Blogpost that includes an interview with Liam:

Article about Remote Closeness Exhibition:

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